The central bank's Shanghai headquarters will explore the supervision of the sandbox mechanism and support the Shanghai Construction Finance Technology Center

To support the Shanghai Construction Finance Technology Center, the central bank's Shanghai headquarters has given 40 policies, including the industry's expected financial technology sandbox supervision mechanism. On October 30, the central bank's Shanghai headquarters recently issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting Financial Technology Development to Support Shanghai's Construction of Financial Technology Centers” to financial institutions within the jurisdiction. The document proposes that Shanghai should build a globally influential financial technology ecosystem. Form a financial technology agglomeration effect. Among them, financial institutions should strengthen the top-level design of financial technology work, formulate financial technology development plans and implementation roadmaps, and establish appropriate organizational structures and innovation incentives. Encourage financial institutions to innovate their thinking and business philosophy, adapt to the intelligent development trend, and rely on cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, biometrics and other technologies, relying on the financial big data platform to identify breakthroughs and main directions, in smart outlets, intelligent customer service, Innovation in financial products and services such as smart investment and intelligent risk control.