Jiang Zhuoer: The currency is printed with the freedom of anonymous means, but after being thrown out, refused to admit it.

On October 30th, Jiang Zhuoer said on the microblogging@coin mine pool co-founder Zhu Xi: 1. When BCH needs to lose money, will you dig? The BCH community thinks that you don't support BCH, and you have to make money. It's just as disgusting as Hong Kong's independence to make money on the mainland. Is there a problem with logic? 2, the oversized standard is of course the percentage, only the absolute value, avoiding the percentage, guilty. 3, the gentleman is open, the villain is long. The currency printing is of course free of anonymous means, but it has been denied from the denial to the need to recognize it. This is just telling the community that the currency is a mine that cannot be exposed to the sun. As for what means it cannot be exposed to the sun, Then you need the coin to answer yourself. The reply given by Zhu Xi is as follows: 1. What is the standard of “too big”? Who gave BCH this "restriction"? Is there any "limitation" for Bitcoin? Too subjective. 2. "Do you support BCH?" This "bar" is actually a problem, or it is too subjective. The coin printing pool supports BCH mining, please check the homepage of the coin printing. 3, back to the core of the problem, what is the problem with anonymity? The unknown power of Bitcoin is much larger, and no one says anything.