Foreign media: Five EU member states, including France and Germany, joined forces to prevent Facebook from issuing Libra in Europe.

The political news publication "Political Europe" reported on October 30 that after a series of private meetings in October, five EU countries are joining forces to block Facebook's Libra project, led by France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. . The French Deputy Finance Minister has presented a unified position against Libra to other EU ministers at a private meeting in Brussels on October 28. The alliance intends to prevent Libra from launching in Europe and to increase pressure on Facebook and other members of the Libra Foundation to abandon their projects. Eurozone diplomats and European Commission officials confirmed that the alliance is encouraging the EU government to consider a total ban on Libra. According to reports, officials are studying to issue a statement in December that will claim that Libra should not be allowed to launch unless the EU can regulate it.