Guangming Daily: Promoting the application of blockchain technology in a wider and deeper application in the people's livelihood

"Guangming Daily" today published a review article entitled "Strongly Exploring the Use of Blockchain + in the Field of People's Livelihood". The article pointed out that since its inception, the blockchain has been ravaged by its underlying technology as a digital currency, but the blockchain technology is equated with digital currency, just as the Internet is equated with the "World Wide Web", narrowing the zone. The connotation of the blockchain. From the logic of the blockchain itself, its core functions are mainly three: one is machine trust, the other is value transfer, and the third is smart contract. This is also an application scenario suitable for blockchain landing. The article stated that the more application of “blockchain+” in the field of people's livelihood also requires the innovative practice of “opening the brain”. We must speed up the breakthrough innovation of the blockchain core technology, constantly improve the supervision mechanism, and also seize the opportunity of blockchain technology integration, function expansion, and industry segmentation to promote blockchain technology in the people's livelihood field more extensive and deeper. The application of the land will actually enhance the well-being of the people.