Hebei Daily: Blockchain is not just "bitcoin"

On October 31, the Hebei Daily published the article titled “The blockchain is not just “Bitcoin””. The article said that in the past few years, the blockchain industry has been chasing from everyone to slowing down, which is not unrelated to the following phenomena. First, the chain currency does not separate. Second, the hard blockchain chain. Third, the public chain syndrome. The direction is now clear – to play the role of blockchain in promoting data sharing, optimizing business processes, reducing operational costs, improving synergy efficiency, and building credible systems. In fact, blockchain technology is not complicated, but finding a suitable application scenario may require a long process. But it is almost certain that while the industry is hot, there will inevitably be some investment scams with the blockchain banner. In this regard, the regulatory authorities are urgently needed to improve supervision. Investors also need to remain sober and calm, so that they can be aware of the risks and controllable risks.