China Discipline Inspection and Supervision: Why the blockchain will become a national strategic technology

On October 31, the China Discipline Inspection and Supervision News published a review article entitled “Blockchain, How Far Away We Are”. The article mentioned that a profound technological change within the Internet world is more necessary and urgent than ever before. The technical characteristics of the blockchain may just echo this need. The blockchain promotes the change of “information Internet” to “value Internet” and “trust Internet” by setting up incentive mechanism, so as to fully tap the internal active force, maintain the ecological order of the network world, and realize a more benign governance structure, effectively empowering The modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity is widely believed to lead to a global technological innovation and industrial transformation. The article stated that with a series of policy support, blockchain technology has developed rapidly in China and is deeply integrated with many industries. Some regions have already tried to apply blockchain technology to government services. Central enterprises have also been involved in the blockchain field and are actively cooperating with Internet companies. Internet companies are also widely involved in blockchain technology applications. In response to the question of how to manage the blockchain, the article concludes that governments at all levels and relevant leaders must establish confidence in managing the blockchain and manage the blockchain just right.