Financial Investment News: Blockchain sector "elimination" accelerated

According to the Financial Investment News, on the disk, the concept of blockchain, which has received much attention, continued to differentiate. The relevant stocks “elimination race” accelerated, and Xinhu Zhongbao and Zhejiang University Netnew continued to increase daily limit, and Tongke Medical and Advanced Datacom encountered Down limit. In terms of the sector, there were only 8 stocks in the blockchain on Wednesday, and 12 stocks in the down limit, reaching the limit. The discussion of whether there is still a market for the blockchain has also become a topic of high concern in the industry. Some analysts pointed out that the management's adjustment of blockchain technology and industrial innovation has risen to the national strategic level, and the relevant digital currency of the central bank is also coming out. Other countries are also demonstrating this field, and the event of the blockchain concept is driven by events. And the imagination space is sufficient. However, as far as the current market is concerned, due to the overall weakness of the market, the capital gains will be high, and after the blockchain is divided, it is difficult to see a collective market. The local market will test the investors' stock selection vision.