Wu Jihan: Bit market share of mining machine is declining, Jank group does not love technology, only loves vanity

According to the records of the staff meeting held by Bitcoin on Tuesday, Wu Jihan, founder of Bitland, said at the staff meeting that the market share of our mining machine business is declining and the dominant position of our mining pool business is also declining. In addition, Wu Jihan also said: "There are people in the company who say that I manage business, he (Zhan) management technology. I want to ask, between Zhan and me, who really loves technology? Zhan does not love technology, he loves to satisfy himself. Desire for rights; he does not love technology, he loves vanity. We have no choice but to drive him out of the company." According to Tencent’s previous reports, Bitcoin has secretly submitted a listing application to the US Securities and Exchange Commission a week ago. The sponsor is Deutsche Bank. According to informed sources, from the initial target Hong Kong stocks to the current US stocks, Bitco's IPO process has been dominated by Wu Jihan and CFO Liu Luyao, and the Jank Group is less involved. In order to increase the chances of success in this trip to the US, Bittland even hired Zheng Hua, the former representative of Nasdaq's former China region, as a consultant to the company. The strong return of Wu Jihan means that if it receives shareholder support, Bitian will focus on the most advantageous blockchain industry, regrouping in the mining machine and mining pool business, and launching an impact on US stocks.