Zixin Pharmaceutical's concept of “touching porcelain” blockchain, the first three quarters of non-net profit fell by 90%

According to Sina Finance News, Zixin Pharmaceutical recently released its third quarter report for 2019. In the first three quarters, the company achieved operating income of 713 million yuan, down 44.19% year-on-year. On October 28th, the blockchain concept was eye-catching, and the blockchain and digital currency concepts were now in full-scale daily limit. Among them, Zixin Pharmaceutical also took the blockchain concept to the daily limit. On September 5, 2018, in order to jointly promote scientific research in the blockchain and large health fields and promote the development of high-tech economic industries, Zixin Pharmaceutical and Beijing Chainfire Information Service Co., Ltd. signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement. The main areas are the research of blockchain + the overall solution of the big health industry, the combination of blockchain technology and traditional medical and genetic sequencer industries, especially the application of tracking and traceability technologies in the proprietary Chinese medicine industry and ginseng industry.