Economic Reference: Blockchain technology independent innovation should adhere to "use" rather than "speculation"

On October 31, the Economic Reference reported that “independent innovation in blockchain technology should adhere to “use” rather than “speculation”. The article pointed out that recently, with the high recognition of the importance of blockchain technology, the capital market has revived under the stimulus of good news. Nearly one hundred blockchain concept stocks have been once daily limit, and the overseas bitcoin market price has risen linearly. But now we must be soberly aware that the key to future blockchain technology and industrial innovation development lies in "use" rather than "speculation." “The integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in the new technological innovation and industrial transformation.” The current judgment on the important significance of blockchain technology has promoted the development of China's blockchain technology to usher in a new era and also for the capital market. Opened an unprecedented investment opportunity. However, from a global perspective, in the past decade after the emergence of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has not yet matured.