Securities Daily: The number of downside stocks exceeds the daily limit, from vying for “chain” to busy warning risk

On October 31, the Securities Daily published an article "The number of stocks in the down limit exceeded the number of stocks in the stock market from the "chain" to the busy warning risk. The article pointed out that a few days ago, the capital market blockchain sector was reversed. On October 28, over 100 stocks went up; on the 29th, the daily limit stocks fell to more than 20; the 30-day ups and downs were reversed, and the daily limit was less than double digits, which was not comparable to the number of downside stocks. Recently, with the word “blockchain” frequently appearing in the capital market announcement, the camp of blockchain concept stocks has been expanding, and more and more listed companies have “chained up on the train”. The rapid rise in the stock price driven by the blockchain has also made many listed companies that have been wearing concept stocks unable to sit still, and have issued risk warnings to proactively clarify the relationship with the blockchain, or have no contact or a large proportion of revenue. Small, in short, the blockchain has little impact on performance. The reporter combed and found that from October 28th to 30th, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges issued as many as nine listed companies.