Li Wei, China Electronics Society: Opportunities and Challenges for Blockchain Innovation and Development

On October 31, Li Wei, director of the Research and Consulting Center of the China Electronics Society and secretary of the blockchain branch, published an article in the Guangming Daily on “The Opportunities and Challenges of Blockchain Innovation and Development”. The article pointed out that as an important component of the underlying technology of the digital economy, the data foundation of the blockchain is increasingly solid, the information environment is constantly improving, and its efficiency and security are continuously improved. Under the multiple promotion of policies, funds and markets. It has increasingly shown an important supporting role for high quality development. The main frontiers of the global blockchain include the 3.0 era characterized by large-scale applications; the integration with a variety of cutting-edge technologies has become an inevitable trend; the fierce competition in the same field has begun. Suggestions for promoting the development of blockchain and economic and social integration include strengthening basic theoretical and technological research; accelerating infrastructure construction in all aspects; improving the application level of key industries; and strengthening laws and regulations and industry supervision.