Blockchain technology independent innovation should adhere to "use" rather than "speculation"

Source: Economic Information

“The integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in the new technological innovation and industrial transformation.” The current judgment on the important significance of blockchain technology has promoted the development of China's blockchain technology to usher in a new era and also for the capital market. Opened an unprecedented investment opportunity. However, from a global perspective, in the past decade after the emergence of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has not yet matured.

The vitality of blockchain technology depends on its ability to truly serve the socio-economic development. Through technological innovation, this technology can be applied to more life and production scenarios, helping to solve the practical problems of social and economic development. It is the future to maintain blockchain technology. And the key to the benign development of the industry.

According to a report by Research And Markets, an internationally renowned market research organization, the global blockchain technology market is expected to reach more than $57 billion by 2025, in the areas of financial services, media telecommunications, healthcare, transportation and the public sector. The demand for technology is growing.

The report predicts that the Asia Pacific region will be the fastest growing region in the next six years, and financial institutions will increasingly use blockchain technology to minimize operating costs and streamline business operations, which will be an important factor in market growth in this region.

At present, the financial industry is one of the most prominent areas of blockchain technology application potential, and digital currency has become the focus of global attention. The financial industry is not only the beneficiary of blockchain technology, but also an important promoter. In the future, we should strive to further develop our own strengths and strengths and form synergy with all parties.

First of all, it must be consciously recognized that digital currency is only one application of blockchain technology, and acts such as speculative currency will seriously damage the healthy development of the entire industry. In the future, risk management should be further strengthened and long-term value investment should be adhered to. Faced with the huge temptation of “speculating coins”, financial practitioners and investors should clearly understand the huge risks and always maintain rationality and restraint.

Second, the financial industry explores ways to adapt to the characteristics of blockchain technology and industrial development. As an emerging technology, blockchain technology is still to be explored. Financial institutions should strengthen the exploration and innovation of financial services and provide better financial services for owning core technology innovations in blockchains, especially in meeting Small blockchain technology innovation enterprise demand.

In addition, actively participate in the research and development and application of blockchain technology to help build a social credit system. As an emerging technology, blockchain technology is characterized by centralization, non-tampering, traceability, transparency and so on. It has the characteristics of honesty and sharing. The financial industry plays an important role in the construction of social credit system. The advantages in information and technology promote the application of blockchain technology in related fields.