Guangming Daily: vigorously explore the use of "blockchain " in the field of people's livelihood

On October 31, Guangming Daily published an article "Strively Exploring the Use of Blockchain + in the Field of People's Livelihood." The article pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that it is necessary to explore the use of "blockchain +" in the field of people's livelihood. Applying the "Internet +" to bring great convenience to people, it is not difficult to imagine how broad the application prospects of "blockchain + people's livelihood". For example, in the field of food and drug safety that the people care about, blockchain technology has a wide application space, which can help us to establish a database that can be traced through the whole process and can not be falsified, so as to achieve accurate monitoring of food and drug safety. For example, in the field of medical insurance, a major pain point in the past industry is that it is impossible to fully and accurately grasp the true health status of the insured, because the insured may go to different hospitals for treatment, or may go to different insurance companies for insurance, if you can build a wide range of The blockchain will realize the data sharing of insurance companies and hospitals on the basis of data privacy, security and reliability, which will undoubtedly greatly promote the development of the medical insurance industry.