Blockchain super air outlet cooling: only 6 shares for three consecutive days of daily limit, how to go after the plate has a fever

According to the news of Zhongxin Jingwei, Wind data showed that on October 30, the A-share blockchain index fell by 2.85%, and only 8 stocks in the sector closed up. Combined with the daily limit of the previous two trading days, only six concept stocks have been trading for three consecutive days. The six concept stocks are Zhidu (000676), Hailian Jinhui (002537), Yijian (600093), Xinhu Zhongbao (600208), Cultural Great Wall (300089), and Zhejiang University New (600797). It is worth noting that on the evening of October 30, a number of listed companies issued risk warning announcements indicating the progress of the blockchain business. Most companies mentioned that the application of blockchain technology is not yet mature, and the performance of the company will not be brought. To have a significant impact. Shanxi Securities analyst Ma Wenyu said that investors with higher risk appetite can continue to pay attention to the investment opportunities in the blockchain sector. However, under the constraints of the above factors, the index shock sector is unlikely to have a general market, which can be regarded as a medium-level theme. Opportunity to treat.