Ping An Group Co-CEO: Blockchain technology can solve three major problems of cross-border trade

According to Financial News, on October 29th, the ASEM "Single Window" International Cooperation Seminar organized by the General Administration of Customs of China was held in Hangzhou. Pingxin Group co-CEO Chen Xinying said that there are currently three major challenges in cross-border trade: due to data privacy, data accuracy, and data sustainability constraints, current cross-border trade synergies have been greatly hindered; in traditional cross-border trade The data often comes from a single individual, and it is difficult to ensure accuracy. In addition, the data cannot be traced to the source, and there is a risk of data being tampered with. In the process of data exchange, there is a lack of technical standards, and each participant lacks the unification of data standards and is difficult to achieve. Data cross validation. The blockchain can solve the above problems.