Wu Jihan's "forced palace" legal analysis: the legal person changed the compliance but the shareholder team is more critical. Zhan was undecided but the chance of winning was small.

According to the world news of the currency, on October 28, there was a personnel shock in the high-level internals of the Bitumin. Wu Jihan’s “forced palace” incident continued to attract attention and discussion. In response to the question of whether the "forced palace" incident is legal and compliant, Tao Hai, lawyer of Beijing Hairun Tianrui Law Firm, said in an interview that 1. The registration of industrial and commercial changes meets the requirements, but the compliance is subject to the company's articles of association. After consulting the official website of the Haidian District Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Beijing, and the limited liability company to handle the relevant regulations on the change of registration of industrial and commercial executive directors and legal representatives (not related to changes in the company's articles of association), Wu Jihan can unilaterally change the executive director and legal representative. It is speculated that it should have mastered the business license of the Bitland and the company's official seal, and its handling of industrial and commercial changes should meet the requirements for industrial and commercial change registration. However, if Wu Jihan's practice is in compliance with the regulations, it needs to be determined according to the relevant regulations of Bitland, Bitmain Technologies Limited, Bitcoin Holdings' company charter, and corporate governance system. Because in general, Wu Jihan changed the company's executive director and legal representative to obtain the consent of the wholly-owned shareholder Bitmain Technologies Limited, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bitland Holdings. 2. The National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System shows that as of the date of publication, the Jank Group is still the manager of Bitcoin. Wu Jihan unilaterally announced that the removal of all positions of the Jank Group will not have legal effect. However, in view of Wu Zhanhan's completion of the industrial and commercial changes of executive directors and legal representatives, it is speculated that Wu Jihan can continue to handle manager changes, and the Jank group has the risk of being delisted by industry and commerce. 3. According to the information of the prospectus submitted by Bitcoin Holdings to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, if it is reported by the outside world, the shareholding ratio of the Jenke Group has really dropped to more than 20%, and the Jenke Group won the voting rights competition. The chances are small. 4. According to the current situation, the Jank Group needs to sort out the articles of association of Bitland, Bitmain Technologies Limited and BitContinental Holdings as soon as possible to find out the terms that are in their own interest and have a chance to win.