Nanjing blockchain development momentum is strong, the average annual growth of related companies in the past six years is about 40%

On October 31, the Nanjing Daily issued a document stating that on October 28, the reporter used the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System (Jiangsu) to check the latest data and saw that the name of the company in Nanjing (in the camp, opening, and register) contains only the “block”. There are 63 in the chain. Although some companies do not have the word "blockchain", the business scope will also include blockchain, so the total number of blockchain enterprises in Nanjing should exceed 63. For the development of the blockchain industry, Nanjing has introduced a number of support policies. The "National Economic Development Plan for the "13th Five-Year Plan" of Nanjing", "Notice of the General Office of the Municipal Government on Printing and Distributing the Development Plan of Smart Nanjing" and other documents clearly require the cultivation of emerging industries such as blockchain. At present, Nanjing's blockchain industry has achieved certain results in market applications, mainly in the fields of finance, government services, and human resources.