Shen Yi, Fudan University: Accurately grasp the blockchain technology and solidly promote the construction of a network powerhouse

According to China Net News, on October 31, Shen Yi, director of the Network Space Governance Research Center of Fudan University, published an article entitled "Precisely grasping blockchain technology and solidly promoting the construction of a network powerhouse." The article points out that dialectical view of blockchain technology and its application, and the construction of a correct development strategy and supervision system are necessary prerequisites for ensuring the healthy development of blockchain technology and its application. From the existing practice, avoiding blockchain technology and its application to focus too much on encryption (virtual) currency and pure payment method innovation, preventing the application of blockchain technology to generate new financial bubbles and regulatory risks, focusing on blockchain pairs The positive effects of the real economy and the governance capacity system are the common choice of the major countries in the world. In the United States, where Bitcoin originated, regulators have placed a high degree of emphasis on the prevention and regulation of such risks. Facebook, which has caused widespread concern, is preparing to issue an encrypted (virtual) currency based on blockchain technology. It is typical to encounter strong supervision in the embryonic stage.