In the past two or three years, the helm of Internet technology companies has looked at blockchains like this.

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October 25 is the watershed of China's blockchain industry. Prior to this, as the "blockchain" of trusting machines, the negative consequences brought about by the "air currency" and "selling currency" chaos are still questioned in society.

It is in the cloud-shadowing period that the heads of Chinese Internet technology companies have studied and expressed their views on the blockchain. The inter-chain pulse has specifically compiled the views of these helmers over the past few years. It seems that some views are quite far-sighted.

Blockchain: China's leading technology in science and technology

What kind of technology is the blockchain? It used to be a very controversial topic. Some people think that the blockchain has not been applied on a large scale so far, and it may be a useless technology at all. Some people think that the blockchain is the fusion of the original technology, there is no innovation, and naturally there is not much subversiveness; some people think that the district If the blockchain leaves the cryptocurrency or the pass, there is no value; some people think that the blockchain has the characteristics of decentralization, and there is a natural contradiction with the centralization of the government.

But some Chinese Internet technology companies are already relatively clear at the helm.

In November 2017, Chen Lei, CEO of Thunder Group and CEO of Netcore Technology, took the lead in the announcement of “The Thunder will be the All In blockchain in the next stage. With 14 years of global leading download technology accumulation and technological innovation, let China Blockchain technology is leading the world for 20 years."

In Chen Lei's eyes, blockchain technology is a social infrastructure that can compare Internet technologies. In December of that year, Chen Lei accepted an interview with the Economic Daily newspaper and pointed out:

"In the 1990s, American companies took the lead in Internet technology innovation, bringing the result that the US Internet industry is leading the world for at least 20 years. A new round of technological architecture changes, I think it should be led by Chinese Internet companies to make the digital industry, the Internet The integration of industry, data industry and physical industry is leading the world."

In April 2018, Chen Lei further stated at the Boao Forum for Asia:

“The blockchain is really a very important opportunity, because China is almost at the same time as the Western world. This is the most important and most important opportunity in the new era.”

Ma Yun, who claimed to know the technology, also saw the value of the blockchain as a social foundation earlier.

In May 2018, Ma Yun said at the opening ceremony of the 20th China Association for Science and Technology Annual Meeting:

"In the next ten to twenty years, there will be three core technologies. The whole society will face enormous challenges because of these three technologies: the first is machine intelligence, the second is IOT, and the third is blockchain."

Ma Yun believes that:

"The entire blockchain technology is also undergoing tremendous changes. Blockchain is not a bubble, but today's bitcoin may be a bubble, blockchain is not a gold mine, and blockchain is a huge tool to open a gold mine for digital finance. And applications are a privacy and security solution for the data age."

There are also a group of CEOs of Internet technology companies who believe that blockchain will form the basis of future society. For example, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan believed in the early 2018 that “blockchain changed production relations.” Luo Yonghao , founder of Hammer Technology, said in May 2018:

"The blockchain technology can change the world, I believe it is not doubtful."

In March 2019, Zhang Jindong , chairman of Suning Group , said in an interview with the media that the Internet era has entered the era of Internet of Things, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Daxu collusion block chain landing scene

The blockchain plays a role in promoting data sharing, optimizing business processes, reducing operating costs, improving synergy efficiency, and building a trusted system.

Specific to the application scenario, the helm of Internet technology also proposed or commanded the company to practice.

Internet technology for the company's big brothers first concerned about the Internet data problems.

During the two sessions in 2018, Baidu Chairman Li Yanhong said that in the traditional Internet, the virtual thing is “make a copy”, which has no new cost increase, but after the arrival of the blockchain, it can truly make the virtual items unique. The Internet will be very different from the previous Internet.

The CEO of the Thunder Group has a clearer explanation on this issue. In November 2018, at the Shenzhen High-Tech Fair, Chen Lei said: The biggest difference between the blockchain and the Internet is that the Internet lacks the concept of data ownership, and the blockchain forms a natural mechanism for data ownership and establishes an authorization mechanism. Improve the security of user data and make data play a greater role in the development of the industry. The following month (December 2018), Chen Lei further proposed a solution at the International Blockchain Conference in Changsha:

"The master of the data is the user. Through the blockchain, you can create a mechanism for authorizing authentication, so that users can make a corresponding return to the user when they use the data."

In other scenarios, Ma Yun is concerned about trade. Alibaba founder Ma Yun at the inaugural meeting of the Hainan Provincial People's Government Entrepreneur Consultation Conference in January this year, said: I hope to build Hainan into a single window of international trade, and use the blockchain technology to completely transform Hainan Island into China. One of the most unique and advantageous digital islands.

Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Group, is concerned about the construction of a social credit system. In March last year, he published an article in the People’s Daily, "Building a rigid disciplinary mechanism for dishonesty," pointing out that the blockchain has the characteristics of decentralization, tampering, sharing and transparency in the storage and processing of information, and has a wide range of social credit system construction. Application prospects.

In June of this year, the emergence of Libra was also concerned by the helm of Internet technology companies.

Tencent’s Chairman of the Board, Ma Huateng, commented on the circle of friends after the release of the libra white paper:

“Technology is very mature and not difficult. Just look at whether regulation is allowed.”

Wang Xing , founder of the US group, also said that Facebook's strategy to promote Libra is clear, Libra is indeed a genius design.

Even Ren Zhengfei , who mentioned little to the blockchain , said in an interview with the media:

"China can also issue digital currency, and the power of a country is definitely stronger than the power of a company."

Internet technology company's latest statement on libra is on October 25th, at the 27th New South Wales-Guangdong Joint Economic Conference, Xu Lei Group CEO Chen Lei Libra explained the blockchain's financial challenges, including Performance, regulation, and privacy protection.

“One of the key challenges facing Libra is how to protect the privacy of its users.”

This is also an opportunity left to China's Internet technology companies. In these areas, innovation and development, China's blockchain will achieve this area beyond. The good news is that many companies in China have made progress.

In terms of quantity, the inter-chain pulse is based on public information. Chen Lei, CEO of Thunder Group, refers to the entrepreneur with the most blockchain in public, more than 18 times; followed by Sogou CEO, 6 times. In the BAT, Ma Yun recorded 4 times, Ma Huateng recorded 3 times, and Li Yanhong only recorded 1 time.

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