Wu Jihan: The contradiction with the Jenke group broke out in the 18-year layoffs, and the Jank group initially opposed layoffs.

According to the records of the staff meeting held on Tuesday in the Bitian mainland, Wu Jihan said at the meeting that since 2015, he and the Jank group have been in conflict, and the conflict between the two sides reached its peak in December 2018. At that time, Bitian decided to conduct a large-scale layoff. Wu Jihan promoted layoffs, and the Jank group initially expressed opposition. Wu Jihan said that he and three other founding members of Bitian mainland tried to convince the Jenke group to reach an agreement on layoffs because they thought it was necessary to save the company. However, the Jank group was still not convinced and tried to unite other middle and senior managers against the layoffs, only to find that most people support layoffs. Wu Jihan said: "Everyone knows that in 2018, the company has carried out a large number of unnecessary and hasty investments in research and development projects, and even employed dozens or even hundreds of people without careful consideration. So at the beginning, everyone supported layoffs.” Nevertheless, the Jank Group held its second meeting on December 17, claiming that he should be the only CEO and threatened to cancel stock option incentives for those who did not support him. Wu Jihan said that the second attempt of the Jenke group failed, but the two eventually gave each step and stepped down as CEO.