Wu Jihan: The idea that the Jenke group wants to double investment in the AI ​​business is too "crazy", which has nothing to do with the main business.

According to the records of the staff meeting held by Bitland on Tuesday, Wu Jihan said at the meeting that he also had differences in the AI ​​business. The Jank group wants to double investment in the AI ​​business, but Wu Jihan believes that this idea is simply "crazy". After all, this is not related to Bitcoin mining. According to Wu Jihan, the Jank Group even wants the financial and accounting staff in Shenzhen to sell AI products. Wu Jihan feels that this is simply unrealistic: "Who is responsible for our financial work in Shenzhen? How will we present the financial data of the IPO?" He added: "(Jenke Regiment) also recruits 300 fresh graduates? How many employees do we have now? If we recruit so many people at once, do we have enough resources to train them?” He further revealed that the Jank Group recently proposed to invest more in a company that is already “troubled”. The company even forced core developers who were "ill at home" to continue working. “AI is a venture capital investment in Bitland,” Wu said. “This business still requires a lot of investment. In order to invest in the AI ​​field, we must continue to make money from our main business.”