Slow fog cosine: asset loss caused by blockchain security vulnerabilities will be further expanded in the future

Guest introduction

Cosin is a senior expert in the field of blockchain security technology. He is a well-known hacker, co-founder of Slow Mist Technology, founder of Joinsec, former vice president of Chuangyu Technology, leader of 404 team, member of Computer Security Committee of China Computer Society. He has written the best-selling book in the security field, "Web Front End Hacking Technology Secret."

The blockchain has such a group of people at the top of the food chain, but quietly "hidden" behind the scenes. Among them are the perpetrators of the attacking network and the guardians of security.
When you first see the cosine, it is not the same as the imaginary hacker. Casual wear, friendly tone, gives a feeling of spring rain. There seems to be no such awkward, cool tune in the cosine. If you forcibly find out the characteristics of some hackers, that is, the dark circles that are clearly visible from a few meters away.

Ruibo, I secretly warned that I can't look at people. As a top-level blockchain security hacker, how can it not be cool? Strongly resisting the piracy of underground hackers, and providing the three major exchanges with a security system behind them, how can they be approachable and elegant and easy-going? It must have been the appearance of my brother who deceived me. Well, Ruibo I take it for granted.
It is precisely for the small partners to enter this group of savvy and mysterious players, the power of the think tank home beauty boss to brush the face to ask the cosine as the first interview guest of the power wave. My friends followed Ruibo. I approached the pure hacker spirit with the small heart of "pilgrimage", and also let the safety cousin analyze the ecological security of cryptocurrency and future investment opportunities from the perspective of security certification.
1337 belonging to the hacker
"1337 is actually Leet, also known as hacker. This string is simplified by Leet. For hackers, this number is commemorative, just like 1024 is for programmers." Yu Yu teacher said.
Early hackers evaded content review, keyword filtering, writing love letters or cipher marks, and securing passwords with Leet. More importantly, young people who love hacker technology feel cool. This is a sense of identity with the hacker.
However, with the development of the times, 1337 no longer has any confidentiality. Every hacker also starts looking for his own unique identity tag. Some well-known hackers have panda burning incense, anonymity organizations and so on.

Image source: public information
The 1337 of the cosine is his avatar resembling an octopus.
Image source: cosine
It's hard to say that the head of the cosine has nothing to do with his own dark circles.
According to Cosin, this avatar was inspired by the Matrix. The film has a profound impact on his hacking career when he was young, and thus has a special commemorative significance. In addition, the mechanical octopus in the film is more like a symbol of the virus in the cosine eye. As an ordinary and dangerous thing in hacker attack and defense, the virus also has the representativeness of hacker culture.

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Another reason why cosine uses "virus" as its avatar is derived from his interpretation of freedom. Although he is engaged in the “just cause” of blockchain cybersecurity, it does not mean that he wants to be a so-called “justice messenger” in front of the public image. He even hopes that he is a person who is both righteous and evil and has flesh and blood.
"There is self-judgment and a firm stand. This is what I think of freedom." Cosine added.
Interpretation of slow fog 1337
Hackers have very self-confidence on identity tags. Slow fog as a blockchain for hackers gathers eco-security companies and naturally has 1337.
The first layer of interpretation, the name slow fog comes from another sci-fi masterpiece – three-body, slow fog is a safe area in the dark forest. There is actually a very important message in the book, that is, the universe is conserved. As a blockchain network security company, slow fog has the role of maintaining a conservative order and building a safe zone for the chaotic opening of the blockchain cryptocurrency market. Privately, blockchain network security companies defend against most of the attacks by underground hackers, which is the dynamic balance needed for the cryptocurrency market.

Image source: Slow fog official website
The second level of interpretation is related to regional culture. According to Yu Xian's recollection, he began to return to Xiamen to start his business. Compared with the feeling of being employed in Beijing, the pace of Xiamen is not fast, and the slow fog is on the island. The cosine is now slow here. It is not difficult to see that this is derived from the process of cosine enjoyment in Xiamen.
The third level of interpretation, cosine smiled that this is related to the nature of the work. We can understand it as methodically slow. In cybersecurity on cryptocurrencies, change is very fast, and the more you are in it, the slower you are. In the face of awkward underground hackers, they need to analyze, need to propose solutions, need to confront, and the whole process must be very cautious. Otherwise, hundreds of millions of assets will be lost due to a subtle mistake. Think twice before doing a good job. Keeping a safe system that can keep up with the dynamic development of cryptocurrencies is a slow-moving "slow work".
Behind the battle of slow fog fame
In January 2018, slow fog was established and it was officially opened on March 1. The Ethereum Black Valentine's Day event was disclosed on March 20. Then, many unknown undisclosed vulnerabilities were started by slow fog, and they began to make a name for themselves in the circle.
(The Ethereum Black Valentine's Day event originated from Valentine's Day in 2016. In the next two years, the attacker's value of the stolen Ethereum was as high as $20 million, and the total price is hard to estimate.)

Image source: Slow fog area
Asked about the battle for slow fog fame, Cosin said that this was first based on the threatening intelligence system of slow fog.

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This system is like a good name in the list. Some of the power of assembly comes from the court, some from the rivers and lakes, and from the market. Through the network of threat intelligence, we will build a joint defense system that integrates security management under the chain.

Image source: slow fog
Cosine recalls that they are preparing to disclose the Ethereum Black Valentine's Day. There were underground hackers who found him and hoped to reach a cooperation with the slow fog, saying that they could first make a profit and then disclose it. It even offers a complete and insured money laundering program. Cosine laughed at it.
When asked how the cosine faced the temptation in this industry, he threw it to Ruibo, a very confusing question. "If one day you have 10,000 bitcoins belonging to someone else on your account, what would you do?" do?"
For slow fog, this real case has happened. The practice of slow fog is to go back as it is.
"We have faced many temptations. Fortunately, everyone in our team has resisted. Some people say that hackers are at the top of the online food chain, but I don't think so. Don't be evil is the primary value of our slow fog, and secondly, we can't be poor. In the end, I must have awe of cyber security." Cosine's tone is rare and serious.
We know the value of 10,000 bitcoins, but it is difficult to tell their own answers. There are thousands of people in the world. As cosine is also calm, human nature is difficult to test. You know, underground hackers and cybersecurity specialists all have the same, even higher technology.
Perhaps this is because they all have the same meditation as cosine, "do not pass the law of the universe; do not pass the laws of nature; do not pass the law; do not pass over their own hearts."
The past and future of blockchain cryptocurrency
According to public data, between 2011 and 2019, losses caused by blockchain security breaches amounted to $8.4 billion. Among them, the exchange is the hardest hit, accounting for nearly half of the total.

Image source: Slow fog official website
Asking how the cosine sees the reason behind this data, the cosine gives the answer from two angles.
On the one hand, the threshold of the exchange is much lower than before, and the level of security protection is not uniform. For underground hackers, it is full of gold. In addition, behind this data reflects people's recognition of the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain. Based on this consensus, the scale of the industry has expanded and the errors have increased. Cosine even predicts that this data growth will continue to expand in the future.
For centralized exchanges, it will be attacked by traditional industries, such as servers and office networks, and also related to public chains and smart contracts. Each ring has security issues that may exist. He suggested taking 15%-20% of the IT construction budget as a security budget, including personnel cost maintenance, anti-virus software, and firewall purchases.
"But this does not mean that you will not be hacked if you configure these." Cosine followed up, "It is not objective to look at the cost of attack and defense game. It is not objective to invest in a certain proportion. It has increased a relatively high level. Relatively speaking, the probability of you being hacked will be much lower, but no one in our industry can give such a promise that will never be hacked."
In fact, Cosin also discussed with his peers whether network security should be insured. However, in network security, in addition to external factors, there are many internal factors. Provide a chance for fraud insurance. Especially in the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, the law is still in its infancy, and cybersecurity insurance has to be saved for the time being.

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On the occasion of the separation from the cosine, we did not think that in just ten minutes, the blockchain with the public support of the highest decision-making level may encounter the best opportunity in history in China. When the cosine was first seen, the news of quantum hegemony still dominated the major social networks, and the mourning of Bitcoin’s fall was still in the ear.
In just 24 hours, there is a magical feeling. But in any case, for most of the ecology of the blockchain, the maglev train, which rides the cosine that night, is heading towards the established goal and vision, moving at full speed.