Yuanwang Capital Tian Hongfei: blockchain breakthrough in the long-term can not land in ToG

On October 30, Tian Hongfei, founding partner of Yuanwang Capital, wrote that modern government management is based on transparent management and requires the supervision and participation of the masses. Therefore, blockchain technology is easier to find application scenarios in the field of government governance. Before the speech of the top leadership, the government did not have the motivation to make such changes. Now that the country has done the top-level design, it has opened up the scene for the application of the blockchain. Because in government management, its management boundaries are also limited by technological means. Although modern communication technology greatly improves the efficiency of information transmission, it cannot solve the problem of information traceability and fidelity and instantaneous synchronization. Therefore, the central government and local governments have always had a management game. The central government wants to get the most authentic and timely local information, and the local government only hopes to provide whitewashed reports. In the future, with the public's need for transparency in modern government service management, especially the development of e-government, it will provide a best application scenario for blockchain technology, and many vivid applications will be born, even for many people. Type blockchain application.