Zhao Changpeng: Some local regulatory authorities do not like BNB and profit-linked, so remove this part of the description.

On April 19th, Zhao Changpeng sent Weibo to update the white paper: 1. The use of the word “repo” is not accurate. The income of the currency security is originally BNB. If you sell BNB to USDT and then buy back BNB with USDT, it seems that this operation is more than one move. I used this word in the white paper because I didn't think about it. 2. “Repurchase” is not important. What is important is how much is destroyed. The total amount will reduce the value of everyone’s currency. "Repurchase" can also be sold quietly and continue to flow to the market, but the total amount of circulation has not changed. Everyone has the right to destroy the digital currency in their wallet, and Bitcoin has been passively destroyed for years. 3. Regulators in some countries do not like BNB and profit-linked. We listened to the opinions of the relevant departments and removed this part of the description. 4. The white paper was updated two months ago. The amount of destruction two days ago was open and transparent, and everyone could see it. There was no change in our actions compared to before. 5. After 7 destructions, BNB destroyed a total of 11,654,359 (about 250 million USD).