Top 10 DeFi Big Chain Life

Author: DDex Bowen

Source: Orange Book

For many people, who is constantly using DeFi products and what they are doing is always a question mark. This article recommended today may solve some people's doubts.

DDex Bowen conducted a chase on the behavior of the Maker DAO CDP top 10 user chain. With this information you can probably paint a portrait of a large Ethereum:

For example, where does his Ethereum come from?

How many Ethereum locks are on the contract?

Which ICOs have you participated in?

Even including the liquidation price of their pledge loan?

. . .

The following is the text, enjoy:

MakerDao and Coinbase Earn collaborated to teach 100,000 US users how to use smart contract lending.

Recently, DragonFly Capital passed a series of roadshows in China, which also made this earliest ETH decentralized organization project more familiar to the Chinese market.

MakerDAO founder Rune asked in Wang Feng and also published the transcript of the MakerDAO Foundation in 2018.

“The current DAI distribution of MakerDAO's early single mortgage phase has surpassed the savings of many local banks, and the annual revenue exceeds 12 million USD. The annual expenditure is less than 200,000 USD. The performance of the autonomy agreement is impressive.”

Where did the $12 million in revenue come from?

We investigated the top 10 users who use CDP.

Start with the basics:

What is MakerDAO?

MakerDAO is one of the earliest decentralized autonomous organizations and intelligent contract system built on Ethereum, providing the first decentralized base stable currency Dai (Ethernet) and derivative financial systems. Dai is issued by a digital asset in full collateral, with a 1:1 anchorage of US dollars, 1 Dai = $1.

Da is currently the largest decentralized stable currency. Individual users, companies, and financial institutions can use the smart contracts developed by Maker to obtain Dai as a liquidity and hedging asset without risk. The Maker platform has key applications in mortgages, margin trading, international transfers, supply chain finance, and public accounting.

What is CDP?

The user mortgages (excessively) the digital asset ETH on the chain to generate a stable currency. Through the policy of closing positions and interest rates, the stability of the stable currency is guaranteed and Dai is generated.

By collateralizing the $150 ETH, there is also a $100 stable currency DAI.

MakerDAO CDP top10 User Analysis

Key points:

  • Top 10 CDP users account for 40.6% of total DAI
  • Top 100 CDP users accounted for 78.6% of total DAI
  • Large households from the early ETH ICO project (Request), ETH ICO participants (3 parent accounts for Genesis Block participants)
  • The top ten CDP users, five from the 2015 ETH community.

Large 1: Codename CDP 3088

Mr. 3088, low-risk long-term low-leverage user, ETH ICO participating users, July 30, 2015, Genesis Block, investing 100BTC, equivalent to investing 28,000 US dollars, getting 200,000 ETH (ETH ICO ratio, the first two Week 1 BTC = 2,000 ETH )

On May 14th, 2016, participating in The DAO ICO, investing 200,000 ETHs from all ETH ICOs, it can be said that all of them have invested in a project.

On June 12, 2016, the DAO code risk was exposed and the hacker could move all ETHs in the address. By June 18, more than 3.6 million ETHs had been stolen. On June 17, Vitalik announced a proposal for a fork. For the first time, the Ethereum community experienced a hard-forked choice. Everyone wavered, and the price of ETH fell from $20 to $13.

For Mr.3088, it can be said that it is the most painful 30 days in life. The investment in all the bamboo baskets is empty, and the The DAO tokens in hand have no liquidity and trading place.

On July 30, 2016, after the hard fork of ETH, Mr.3088 quickly put all the ETHs out and made a false alarm in 2 months. At the same time, I got 2700 ETC through ReplaySafeSplit-contract. The strange thing is, why didn't Mr.3038 put the remaining 190,000 ETC?

In 2017, there were very few transactions or transfers in the chain.

After 2018, I mainly traded in ETH2DAI, earned more ETH, tried Compound, but did not put a lot of assets on Compound. In June 2017, I received a free airdrop of 15,000 OMG, with a peak of $370,000, which was not sold. It can be said that it was bitten by a snake and was afraid of a well rope for ten years. From The DAO, the biggest ICO in history, almost lost all of its net worth, and never touched any ICO tokens.

Since December 17th, users have been continually transferring 1,000 ETHs per order to Kraken, Bitfinex, Gemini and other exchanges. It can be said that it is 2 years waiting, and finally the result is achieved. With the average cost method, the ETH is reduced. The total value of the reduction is more than 40,000 ETH. After two and a half years of waiting, at the low price of ETH 160 US dollars, the profit is more than 6.4 million US dollars, and there are still 200,000 ETH in the account.

In the mind of Mr.3088, MakerDAO's handling fee of $720,000 a year is a slap in the face of the profit he received from reducing ETH. As an investor who is optimistic about ETH prices for a long time, it only needs ETH to rise 5 dollars to cover the MakerDAO fee for one year.

Mr.3088 received a cost of $32 million worth of 200,000 ETH through a cost of $28,000. For him, the so-called over-collateralization is actually to pass the $28,000 chip in 2015 and the $8.2 million stable currency in 2019. This is like a free inheritance of a quadrangle in the North Second Ring Road. In 2019, a loan of 20 million yuan was borrowed through the pledge of property rights.

For Mr.3088, MakerDAO is just a credit loan, a chip that only needs $28,000 to get a 273-fold leveraged credit collateral.

Loan pledge data:

  • Pledge 178,921 ETH
  • Loan 8,280,868 DAI
  • Mortgage rate: 26.53%
  • Open market: 11 months
  • Contract interaction: 71 pens
  • Handling fee: 722,986 USD
  • Mother account: 0xa1a45e91164cdab8fa596809a9b24f8d4fdbe0f3

Big 2: Codename CDP 15336

Mr 15336, a low-risk arbitrage user, a DSProxy contract user, can be arbitrage at CDP Keeper to manage CDP risk. High-end players, have the ability to use smart contracts. Occupies a total of 1.5% of MKR.

ETH ICO Participant, July 30, 2015, Genesis Block, investing 500 BTC, equivalent to investing $140,000, and getting 1 million ETH (ETH ICO ratio, 1 BTC = 2,000 ETH for the first two weeks)

Beginning in 2016, it became an ETH miner, mining in NanoPool, (European old mining pond) and Dwarfpool, with an average daily 5ETH income.

Very active ICO participants, investing in more than 20 ICO projects. Beginning on November 11, 2016, Golem ICO invested 15,000 ETH, Gnosis 2000 ETH, Digix 8500 ETH, purchased 15,000 MKR on April 30, 2017, and EOS ICO invested 610,000 EOS. The largest investment in the DAO project, investing 200,000 ETH, and participating in multiple rounds of The DAO vote in June 2016. Finally, on July 20, 2016, 84,000 ETH was proposed from The DAO withdrawal. Some of the DAO tokens may have been sold on the exchange during the period.

Participation in ICO: Melonport, Iconomi, MakerDAO, Golem, Augur, Gnosis, EOS, Firstblood, RLC, Pluton, SingularDTV, Propy, ZRX, Request, Grid +, Qtum, Bancor, Aragon, Storj, Tron, AE, AION, RDN , REN.

Beginning in March 2016, trading in Poloniex, followed by almost all exchanges, including Liqui, Bittrex, OKEX, Bitfinex, Binance, Huobi and BTC-E shut down by the US government. The user's address was also identified by Etherscan as 200 Million Trader. In July 2017, Bloomberg reported that the address earned $200 million in profits, but the government was unable to tax the person because he did not know who the person was.

Mr.15336 is a testament to the development of the entire ETH community, from ETH ICO participants to miners, DAO voting, dAPP users, and is the most loyal supporter of the Ethereum World Computer vision.

Fun Fact: Mr 15336 Hobby Charity: Donated 3 ETH to Mycrypto


Pledge data:

  • Pledge: 141,405.38 ETH
  • Loan: 7,332,000 DAI
  • Mortgage rate: 29.72%
  • Participation time: 8 months
  • Contract interaction: 260 pens
  • Handling fee: $256632.33
  • Mother account number: 0x1C11BA15939E1C16eC7ca1678dF6160Ea2063Bc5



  • Mining address:
  • 0x7aa534c9b18d6f4117301971962986467e74eed1

    Big 3: Codename CDP 12826

    Ms 12826 Low-risk long-term low-leverage users, DSProxy contract users, the specific function can be arbitrage in CDP Keeper, managing CDP risk. High-end players, have the ability to use smart contracts.

    ETH Early investors, the earliest source of ETH was, August 14, 2015, Kraken access address 51,000 thousand ETH, a high probability of trading users in the United States, participated in The DAO ICO, invested 25,000 ETH. Sub-accounts have multiple contracts, contract developers, know how to generate writing contracts. Holds $250,000 in MKR tokens, a loyal fan of MakerDAO.

    Ms 12826, relatively few operations on the chain, no more data to analyze.

    Pledge data:

    • Pledge: 48,017.579 ETH
    • Loan: 3,599,610.27
    • Mortgage rate: 42.97%
    • Participation time: 9 months
    • Contract interaction: 36 pens
    • Handling fee: $241596.38
    • Mother account: 0xE4e48ee538c088c0430c840BaF55eAEd6a256227





    Big 4: Codename CDP 111790

    Mr. 111790 Low risk low leverage users, the address is contract, contract developer.

    Compound heavy user, depositing 58,000 ETH, borrowing 4.45 million USDC H and 130,000 DAI, Compound interest handling fee: $229,924.93

    The address was activated on September 11, 2016. It is suspected that after The DAO Hack, the new address will be used for washing coins through Poloniex. Eth2dai frequently trades users with more than 4,000 transactions. Centralized exchanges: Poloniex, Bittrex, Gemini users, the high probability is US users. ReplaySafeSplit contract users, experienced ETH and ETC forks. No other dAPPs have been used, pure financial use traders.

    ICO Investment List: RDN, BLZ, FUN, FOAM

    Pledged loan data:

    • Pledge: 49,855.293 ETH
    • Loan: 3,420,427
    • Mortgage rate: 39.33%
    • Liquidation price: $102.91
    • Participation time: 1 month
    • Contract interaction: 164
    • Processing fee: $36661.76
    • Mother account:


    0x794DEc90a3B9e399aAd7839Fa39c17A521977cdf Big 5: Codename CDP 14290

    Ms 14290 Low-risk, low-leverage users, DSProxy contract users, the specific function can be arbitrage in CDP Keeper, managing CDP risk.

    The address was activated in November 2016. Centralized exchange: Hitbtc, Bittrex users. Unable to find previous transaction history.

    Pledged loan data:

    • Pledge: 40,674.494 ETH
    • Loan: 3,420,427 DAI
    • Mortgage rate: 38.05%
    • Liquidation price: $99.57
    • Participation time: 6 months
    • Contract interaction: 43
    • Processing fee: $165555.87
    • Mother account:



    Big 6: Codename CDP 4242

    Mr 4242, low-risk, low-leverage user, DSProxy contract user. Started to contact ETH in 2015, Centralized Exchange: Bitfinex, Shapeshift, Poloniex, Kraken users, the high probability is American users. Participate in many ICO, ZRX, WAX, Powerledger and more. It has been difficult to track previous transaction records using Coin Mixer.

    Mr 4242 is a very low-key privacy-conscious user who doesn't want others to track the data through the chain, and the low-key currency is big.

    Pledged loan data:

    • Pledge: 37,654.456 ETH
    • Loan: 2,510,508.72 DAI
    • Mortgage rate: 38.22
    • Liquidation price: $100
    • Participation time: 2 weeks
    • Contract interaction: 201
    • Handling fee: $75340.87
    • Mother account number: 0xff2990c7D9F69deDa0392b1c76B9b631dbf295Ab



    Big 7: Codename CDP 13917

    Ms 13917, Request Token project side, low risk long-term low leverage users, DSProxy contract users.

    Request Network, the German project party, on October 13, 2017, raised 100,000 ETHs. The purpose of financing is to make it easier for people to collect, pay, and transfer money. At that time, I felt that the idea of ​​going to the center to pay was very high, but when I think about it, isn’t it just a sweep of the QR code? After a lapse of 2 years, the project side also made several collection and receipt functions. The best product is the ICO's early project introduction video.

    Through the Multisig multi-signature wallet, pledge ETH, operated by DAI. It is the only use case for TOP 10 CDP that is used by the project side financing ETH to pledge and generate DAI for company operations.

    Pledged loan data:

    • Pledge: 25,113.59 ETH
    • Loan: 1,870,030 DAI
    • Mortgage rate: 44.91
    • Liquidation price: $111.69
    • Participation time: 9 months
    • Contract interaction: 18
    • Handling fee: $105260.09
    • Mother account number: 0x4919F5DA960Edaf34b36473c05a543d4C18Bfc15

    Big 8: Codename CDP 2406

    Mr 2406, low-risk long-term low-leverage user, DSProxy contract user.

    ETH ICO Participant, July 30, 2015, Genesis Block, got 66,800 ETHs. However, after getting the ETH token, I have never moved the account in 2 years.

    It used to cost 26,000 ETH to register ENS, a very high-frequency ENS registered user, was the first player to fire the ENS domain name. If ENS is really the same as the domain name market, maybe Mr 2406 is Cai Wensheng of Ethereum World.

    Pledged loan data:

    • Pledge: 46,668.089 ETH
    • Loan: 1,700,000 DAI
    • Mortgage rate: 20.88%
    • Liquidation price: $54.64
    • Participation time: 12 months
    • Contract interaction: 8 pens
    • Handling fee: $170972.5
    • Mother account number: 0x32B2D4ec46D76Fc6dAbfe958fb0e0BD8db740C84

    0x352f25babf4a690673e35195efa8f79d05848aad Big 9: Codename CDP 19514

    Ms 19514, low-risk, low-leverage user, the address is a DSProxy contract. $50,000 USD MKR position, Binance user, newly activated address 12 months ago, unable to find previous transaction records.

    Pledged loan data:

    • Pledge: 21,672.625 ETH
    • Loan: 1,500,000
    • Mortgage rate: 39.67%
    • Liquidation price: $103.81
    • Participation time: 3 months
    • Contract interaction: 9 strokes
    • Handling fee: $44427.5
    • Mother account number: 0x368f6eCc0F2F201d73e98c99E558AABb349Ff29E

    0x33B71FaCc11E85d49FA206a21cA78bd5Cf2D5733 Big 10: CDP 16843

    Mr 16843, a high-risk, highly leveraged user, the address is a DSProxy contract. ETH2DAI users, managing multiple CDPs simultaneously, 16707, 16619. Centralized exchanges: Poloniex, Kraken, Bitfinex, Binance users, the high probability is US users. The address was activated in March 2017 and the previous transaction history could not be found.

    Pledged loan data:

    • Pledge: 14,874.023 ETH
    • Loan: 1,445,000 DAI
    • Mortgage rate: 55.69%
    • Liquidation price: $145.72
    • Participation time: 6 months
    • Contract interaction: 29 pens
    • Handling fee: $42819.68
    • Mother account: 0xbCc694EEDA03E2F1dB9F44151Dfa9Eca31FA6f08


    0x43f30328E6e27Df0311ca852c84612b9B634C4Ca Finally, after seeing the liquidation price of the big family, do you dare to stroll?