Beijing Internet Court uses “blockchain” to automatically verify the authenticity of evidence

According to the Beijing Evening News, on October 26, when the Beijing Internet Court handled a network infringement dispute, it used the blockchain smart contract technology for the first time to achieve “one-click filing execution”, marking the practical application of the judicial blockchain smart contract application. . "In the past, after the judgment of the case came into effect, if the defendant did not take the initiative to perform the judgment, the parties needed to go to the court to apply for enforcement. After the intelligent contract technology of the blockchain was used in the execution work, we will generate a smart contract after the judgment comes out. , automatically to generate an implementation." Beijing Internet Court technical staff Sun Wei said in an interview. Since its listing in September 2018, the Beijing Internet Court has continuously explored the application of blockchain technology in the judicial field, and gradually applied it to areas such as deposit certificates, commission investigations, and execution.