BKEX CAPITAL announces investment blockchain blockchain content community chain circle

On October 31st, BKEX CAPITAL announced that it will invest in the blockchain content community APP chain circle. Chain Friends Circle has cooperated with the media, such as Golden Finance, Babbitt, Chain, Ear Finance, Digital Money Maniac, and Wang Head, from the media. For the first time, the acquaintance recommendation model is adopted to read and share. The article can also receive gold coin rewards to achieve “mining” while reading. At present, the chain of friends has accumulated more than 200,000 registered users, and daily users are 40,000. Traffic cooperation has been carried out with a number of exchange project parties such as the Singapore bikun exchange. As an eco-fund, BKEX CAPITAL not only invests funds through eco-energy projects, but also invests in the core technology of blockchain, real-life units and international expansion capabilities.