Monitoring shows: 10 huge transfers occur simultaneously on the Bitcoin network

The monitoring system of Beijing Chain Security Chain found that on October 31st, Beijing time, 14:27:13, 10 huge transfers occurred simultaneously on the Bitcoin network, of which the minimum sponsorship amount was 6,400 BTCs, and the maximum launch quota was 9142.77 BTCs. The total amount is up to 70,576.34 BTC. These transactions not only occur at the same time, but also transfer the huge amount of BTC to the new address, and all the BTCs with less quota are entered into the same address. This shows that the batch operations initiated by the same organization should be traced to the source of the Beijing chain. The technology found that a large number of BTCs were sourced from the Bitcoin Trustee Xapo. After the transaction, it also caused a sudden change in the amount of transactions on the bitcoin chain as a whole today, but due to special transactions, the overall trend has not changed much.