Storm Group executives left the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to issue a letter of concern and have been involved in the blockchain business.

According to the news, on October 31, Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern to Storm Group Co., Ltd. (300431). On October 30, 2019, Storm Group disclosed the deputy general manager Zhang Pengyu, chief financial officer Zhang Lina and securities affairs. Announcement on behalf of Yu Zhaohui's resignation. In addition to Feng Xin, the general manager who has been approved for arrest, the senior management of Stormwind Group has resigned, and the securities affairs representative who assisted in information disclosure has also resigned. The letter of concern of Shenzhen Stock Exchange stated that it is required to hire relevant senior management personnel as soon as possible to ensure the stability of the company's operations. Previously, Storm Group had been involved in the blockchain business, and its blockchain infrastructure service providers had a new storm.