Shanghai Chengqu blockchain technology innovation highland, there are many projects in digital deposit certificate, smart contracts, etc.

On October 31, the "Interface" published an article saying that from the market point of view, Shanghai is one of the most abundant areas of domestic blockchain application scenarios, Ant Financial, Ping An Group, Baowu Group, COSCO Shipping, Wanxiang Block A number of domestic leading companies such as Chain, Zhongan Insurance and CITIC Information have chosen Shanghai to develop blockchain technology research and development and industrialization. At present, there are 8 blockchain alliances in China, including 2 in Beijing and 2 in Shenzhen, and 4 in Shanghai, namely China Blockchain Research Alliance, China Ledger Alliance, Interbank Market Blockchain Technology Research Group and Lujiazui. Blockchain Financial Development Alliance, the number of blockchain alliances ranked first in the country.