Chang Yong: Ao Bencong said that he is Nakamoto, some basic logic can't be said.

On April 19th, Liu Chang, the founder of Zhimi University, summed up the simple logic of Ou Bencong as a liar on Weibo. OBS (CSW) said that he is Satoshi Satoshi, and some basic logics cannot be said: 1 Nakamoto was afraid of identity leaks and chose to retire after the WikiLeaks incident. CSW racked his brains to prove to the public that he was Nakamoto Satoshi; 2. CSW claimed to be Nakamoto, but said that it was very dangerous to take out the early private key signature and let the public be convinced. It’s the same risk that Nakamoto is publishing a private key signature. 3. Nakamoto published a Bitcoin white paper on the password punk mailing list, which is intended to replace the legal currency, weaken the government power, and retreat is also worried about the government’s harm, while CSW applies for a patent. , suing the skeptics, criticizing the spirit of password punk, claiming to be a national security, more like a government employee. These logics are not clear, and there are many more stories, forging more evidence, and they can't deceive people.