SpaceX also engages in IEO? Musk is forced

A suspicious cryptocurrency exchange, LAToken, is currently conducting an IEO, allegedly initiated by Elon Musk for SpaceX. Although this may be the dream of many tech fans, after careful study, it will be found to be fake.


Yesterday, Cointelligence CEO On Yavin unveiled this unpleasant IEO on Twitter. On LAToken's IEO Launchpad, the related page even shows the YouTube video of the SpaceX rocket, as well as further details of the IEO.


The main investors and management team of SpaceX are on this page. Musk is listed as founder, chief designer, chief technology officer and chief executive officer. At the bottom of the page, there is also SpaceX's Twitter content.

If SpaceX really participated in this IEO, then of course it was good, but it turned out not.

Yavin said:

"Muske is unlikely to allow LAToken to deceptively promote the USPX IEO with his name, company name and reputation. This is completely misleading, and as long as this fraudulent exchange still exists, the industry will not progress."

The USPX token was actually launched by Unicorn Equities, but its management team, asset value and investors did not appear on this page. Unicorn Equities plans to use the funds raised to acquire an unknown number of SpaceX shares, which will then form a stake in the company. SpaceX's stock is not publicly traded, so it is difficult for the public to buy.

This page is obviously intended to make potential customers think that this IEO is approved by SpaceX and managed by Musk. While there is no indication that LAToken provides this information, at least it is highly unprofessional for the exchange not to review the information provided by the customer.

LAToken's past slots are full, there have been careless behaviors, and it involves downright fraud. Cointelligence rated the exchange at 3.88 and scored only 1 on trust.

However, Musk himself has always been interested in cryptocurrencies and even was chosen as the CEO of Dogecoin without his knowledge. However, it is unclear whether he has made direct investments in this area.