BTC's block time continues to accelerate, and the volume of transactions related to mainstream exchanges continues to shrink.

According to TokenGazer data analysis, as of 18:00 on October 31, the BTC price is $9061.06, the market value is $163,682.91M; the mainstream exchange 24H BTC transaction volume is about $393.40M, which is 21.07% lower than yesterday; the number of BTC active addresses is certain. Growth, the trading volume on the chain fluctuated smoothly, the time of the block was faster than yesterday, about 10min, the market value of BTC remained stable and fluctuating, currently about 67.39%; BTC 30-day ROI has a certain callback; futures, the past 24 hours The bitcoin positions of the fire coins are basically unchanged, and the positions of OKEx are reduced, and the ratio of long and short positions is still high. The proportion of OKEx Bitcoin elite long positions and short positions increased. Among the elite users of the fire currency bitcoin, the proportion of short accounts increased, and the proportion of short positions held decreased. On the exchange side, BTC/USD Coinbase paid a premium to BTC/USD Bitfinex during the day. The premium range and premium level decreased from yesterday. Investors need to be alert to recent market volatility.