Pan Guangwei: A new round of technological change represented by blockchain is on the rise. The integration of finance and technology is the trend of the times.

According to the 21st Century Business Herald, Pan Guangwei, the first vice chairman of the Asian Financial Cooperation Association and the full-time vice president of the China Banking Association, said in a keynote speech that a new round represented by artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain is currently being represented. Technological change is on the rise. As the best scene for the use of high technology, the integration of finance and technology is the trend of the times, and it will also make a difference. Although 1.1 billion adults already own mobile phones worldwide, there are still 1.7 billion adults who cannot use trading accounts. Trading accounts serve as gateways to other financial services such as credit, savings and insurance, and this financial service “gap” can hinder financial inclusion. To this end, three efforts are needed. First, actively promote the intelligent and digital transformation of financial institutions. The second is to enhance the ability of financial products to innovate. The third is to improve financial risk control capabilities.