Parity and Polkadot will launch a virtual machine Substrate EVM compatible with Ethereum

Chain news, cross-chain project Polkadot founder Gavin Wood wrote that blockchain development company Parity and cross-chain project Polkadot will launch the virtual machine "Substrate EVM". He said that Substrate EVM is a Substrate SRML module that introduces the Ethereum-compliant execution environment into Substrate. Essentially, this allows Substrate-developed blockchains to carry most of the Ethereum state transitions, and existing Solidity/EVM code can be deployed into this environment. Gavin Wood claims that interoperability with the rest of Substrate (that is, calling other modules, transferring between other accounts and using inter-chain messaging) can be achieved through a specially introduced "pre-compiled contract" API. Gavin Wood also said in the article that Polkadot has a reason to "combine disparate projects with multiple technical assumptions," he said. "The Ethereum community is the most important developer community on the planet, with the most freedom. Thinkers and the most meaningful developments. After two years of development, the core infrastructure of Polkadot and Substrate has matured and can begin to consider building peripheral components and making the connection chain a reality."