Chengdu Chain Safety: 5 more typical security incidents occurred in October

According to the statistics of the chain-like situational awareness platform in Chengdu, Beosin Eagle-Eye, there have been five typical security incidents in the past month (October). These include: 1. A total of two attacks occurred in the EOS chain this month: one is a fake EOS attack; the other is the game server parsing parameters. 2. Amazon cloud service platform AWS was exploding with DDoS attacks and was forced to interrupt the service. 3. Webpage cryptocurrency wallet Safuwallet was hacked by the hacker to inject a lot of money by injecting malicious code, and smashed the currency. 4. Cryptopia's stolen assets began to shift: some ETHs flowed into the well-known DeFi lending platform Compound; several other ETHs flowed into a DApp project called DeFi 2.0. In view of the current new situation of blockchain security, Beosin Chengdu Chain Security reminds each chain platform to enhance security awareness, pay attention to various types of security risks, and if necessary, seek security company cooperation, through third-party technical support, to check for security vulnerabilities and strengthen security. Line of defense; each wallet project should further review the security aspects, consciously enhance the security of the project system architecture, and establish a sound emergency response mechanism. In the event of asset loss, asset tracking can be traced by the help of a security company; users should be cautious when investing, stay away from the funding disk, and do not smash blood.