Six state-owned large banks all disclosed the third quarterly report, and the development of financial technology became a highlight of the three quarterly reports.

According to the Economic Daily News, as of October 30, all six state-owned large banks disclosed the third quarterly report. It is not difficult to find out the three quarterly reports, the quality of various assets has steadily improved, and they have made great efforts in financial technology and become a highlight of the three quarterly reports. Construction Bank officially released the “BCTrade2.0 Blockchain Trade Finance Platform” in October. According to Ji Zhihong, deputy governor of the Construction Bank, since the launch in April 2018, the cumulative transaction volume of the construction banking blockchain trade financial platform has exceeded 360 billion yuan, and has successively deployed functions such as domestic letter of credit, international factoring and re-conservation. It provides trade finance services based on blockchain platform for three types of customers, including banks, non-bank institutions and trading companies. Thanks to the innovative practice in the field of “blockchain+trade finance”, the typical case of the construction of the bank blockchain trade finance platform in 2019 was selected into the white paper of the blockchain industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.