The Great Wall of the Cultural Great Wall lost 12.99 million yuan in the first three quarters, down 109% year-on-year, saying that the blockchain products have not been put into use.

According to the China Economic Net, recently, the first domestically listed creative art ceramics enterprise culture Great Wall (300089.SZ), in the case of a sharp decline in performance, the stock price has gone out of the five-board, the company was interpreted as the leading block of the blockchain. The reporter found that among the six names or descriptions of the software copyrights of the Great Wall of China involving the blockchain, two were developed by Henan Zhiyou Xiaolong Education Technology Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries, and four were developed by Jade Education and its subsidiaries. However, on October 30, the Great Wall of Culture said in response to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's inquiry letter that the company had lost control of the jade education and therefore could not know the relationship between jade education and blockchain technology. The two softwares developed by Zhiyou Xiaolong and its subsidiaries involve blockchain technology and have not yet been put into use.