Academician Chen Chun of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: Blockchain development needs to solve regulatory problems

According to the news of the Central Broadcasting Network, on October 31, Chen Chun, director of the Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Center and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, accepted an interview with reporters on various issues of blockchain research. According to Chen Chun, blockchain is divided into public chain, alliance chain and private chain. Different from the focus on the development of the public chain in foreign countries, China's blockchain research focuses on the technology of the alliance blockchain, and it has already had some positive applications in the fields of finance and people's livelihood. For example, some banks have applied blockchain technology to the enterprise's receivables chain, and have achieved good results in solving the financing difficulties of SMEs. In Chen Chun's view, the blockchain technology is actually still in the technical research stage, and there is still a long way to go from large-scale practical applications. Another major problem that needs to be solved in the development of blockchain is supervision. At present, relevant departments in China have made relevant regulations on the “real name system” and “recording system” in the development and application of blockchain. Supervision needs to “chain the chain”, Chen Chun introduced, Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Center is actively researching from the aspects of technical supervision. He also pointed out that it will strengthen the safety assessment of platform-level application of blockchain, improve the compatibility and standardization of blockchain technology and application, assist in establishing and improving the regulatory system of blockchain, and strengthen the supervision capacity building of blockchain. Jointly explore a new regulatory model for blockchain.