Cao Shengliang, Wuhan University of Engineering: For most people, blockchain is a very strange word.

On November 1st, Cao Shengliang, dean and professor of the Marxism Institute of Wuhan University of Engineering, published an article in the China Education News, "Promoting Learning Revolution, Forging a Learning Power." The article pointed out that for most people, blockchain is a very strange word. The digital currency, which has been popular in recent years, including Bitcoin, may have some social popularity, but the blockchain, which is the underlying technology of digital currency, is indeed an area that is rarely known to ordinary people. The party and state leaders stand at the height of history to carry out key study and strategic planning. This fully reflects the reason why the Chinese Communist Party, which is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary, has a long-lasting history and constantly creates new miracles of development. It is that our party is A learning-oriented political party that is diligent in learning and good at growth, the continuous improvement of learning ability and the determination of the era of the times are the unique temperament of our party. General Secretary Xi Jinping once pointed out: "The Chinese Communists rely on learning to go to today, and they must rely on learning to move toward the future."