The data shows that there were 10 security incidents in October, and the DeFi lending platform became a new choice for hackers to launder money.

According to the PeckShield situational awareness platform data, in the past month, there were 10 more prominent security incidents in the entire blockchain ecosystem. The damage rating was “intermediate” and the damage amount was tens of millions of dollars, involving 3 digital wallets and DApp2. From the start of the smart contract, as well as the funds to run, phishing and so on. At the same time, in addition to traditional centralized exchanges, hackers are constantly seeking new ways to launder money. For example, the hacker transferred some of Cryptopia's stolen assets to Compound. The main purpose is to use the DeFi lending platform to confuse money laundering, while not excluding "financial interest." "The possibility." In addition to DEX, the current DeFi lending platform with better liquidity has become a new choice for hackers to launder money.