Foreign media: Ethereum 2.0 main client Lighthouse development enters the final stage

According to TrustNodes, a recent statement said that the development of all the features of Ethereum 2.0's main client, Lighthouse, is almost complete. The developer said that the only remaining work is "integrating Ethereum 1.0, ready for review and consolidation" because the Beacon node must be connected to an Ethereum 1.0 node. The beacon chain PoS chain is scheduled to start in early 2020, while the shard may be launched later in 2020, or more likely in 2021. At the same time, developers said that Lighthouse integration is nearing completion and will release a multi-client test network once completed. The test network runs for at least three months, so if the test network is launched next month, the real creation block may not be created until February or March 2020.