Zhixing Wanyuan Dongning: Blockchain technology and industrial development depend on institutional advantages

According to the People’s Political Consultative Conference newspaper, Dong Ning, CEO of Zhiyuan Wanyuan (Beijing) Digital Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview that blockchain technology and industrial development must rely on the power of the market and also rely on institutional advantages. Government departments need to be good leaders, coordinators and promoters. At the same time, as a large state-owned enterprise, state-owned enterprise, private enterprise, and related research institutions with certain strength, we must also recognize the value of science and technology and increase investment. For example, large national enterprises and institutions should set off the important task of leading the technology and enabling industries, and more support the blockchain enterprises with real technical capabilities; research institutions should open the door to join hands with enterprises to jointly break through core technologies and accelerate product development to meet The development of the real economy requires more efforts to promote the development of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, and 5G.