The data shows that the total number of large transactions of Tether increased by nearly 110% in the past week.

Babbitt News, IntoTheBlock data shows that large transactions on Tether have been booming in the past three months. In the past week, the total transaction value of Tether transactions exceeding 100,000 USDT was approximately 7.3 billion US dollars, an increase of 109.82% from the previous week. In addition, the average transaction size and number of transactions of Tether has also been increasing in the past month. Tether's average transaction volume for the past week was $16,500, with an average transaction volume of more than 84,000. But it's worth noting that the average balance of the Tether network (the total market value of Tether divided by the number of addresses holding Tether) has been declining since August. The average balance of Tether on August 17 was slightly above $41,000, while the average balance on October 30 was only $8,212.