The hackers have successively transferred the Ethereum, which was acquired by the “brick arbitrage” fraud, to a new address, involving a total of 5,560 Ethereum workshops.

According to CoinHunter monitoring, hackers began to transfer funds from the frauds of the official arbitrage telegram Chinese group. The details are as follows: 1. The ETH address starting with 0x931ca95, 0xc6bee32, 0xfad950e, 0x6cf1bbde, 0x9e9d79 will be 2533. The ETH address is transferred to the 0x3a6234 address; the ETH address at the beginning of 2, 0xbb95a91, 0xe256148 transfers 1128 ETHs to the address 0xc580a343; 3. The ETH address at the beginning of 0xa96923f51, 0x2698da9d transfers 1900 ETHs to the address 0xde36b70; the above transactions are all on October 31. At the time of the Beijing time around 14:00, the transfer operation will continue, and CoinHunter will continue to monitor the flow of funds. CoinHunter suggested that this is the beginning of a large number of hackers to transfer funds, and then may be washed into the exchange in batches.