Guangzhou's first Internet Smart Library public interest program launched, combined with blockchain technology to provide transparency

Babbitt News, recently, Tianyi Huafu, Guangdong Radio and TV Station Real Estate Channel, Mantianxing Public Welfare, Zhongshan Library, Ant Financial Service, Tutron Group, South China Women's College, Guangzhou Boyuan Social Service Center and other loving organizations The “Educational Public Welfare Program” of “Reading a Book Together” This is the education public welfare project of the “first” Internet + Smart Library in Guangzhou. "Internet + Smart Library" has improved the problem of insufficient follow-up management of traditional public welfare donation books, so that the library resources can be used to the maximum extent, which is conducive to improving the interest and convenience of children borrowing books. In addition, the "Smart Library" is also connected to the Internet, and it is possible to connect the Internet with the power of the Internet to open up a convenient channel for reading resources. In addition, it combines Alipay's ant blockchain technology, connects donors, and interacts with recipients to make the donation publicity more transparent, warmer and more trustworthy.