Xinhua News Agency: What is the blockchain of the screen? A large-scale application of a "very creditable" technology still faces challenges

Chen Chun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Center, said that the development of foreign blockchain is basically based on financial innovation to drive other industry innovations. In addition to financial innovation, China is more important in various industries. The blockchain is still a very "young" technology, and technology and industrial applications are in their infancy. Experts believe that blockchain technology wants to truly empower the economy and society, but also faces multiple challenges: from a technical point of view, the performance of the blockchain needs to be improved. From the perspective of talent reserve, there is a large gap in cross-disciplinary professionals. From the point of view of popularization and application, the blockchain must first be “managed well” in order to “use it well”.