Bitcoin surged to hit the $5,000 mark, and Xiong'an Technology (01647) once rose more than 22%

On April 2, the callback for many days, Xiong'an Technology (01647) finally broke through in volume, and the increase in the afternoon was once expanded to 22%. Afterwards, it narrowed slightly. As of 14:08, it rose 18.28% to HK$1.1. It reached 18.47 million Hong Kong dollars. On the news front, the National Internet Information Office recently released the first batch of 197 domestic blockchain information service filing numbers. According to the requirements of the “Regulations”, the blockchain information service provider shall indicate its record number in a prominent position such as the Internet station and application program that it provides external services. The company previously announced the establishment of a joint venture company investment blockchain technology. In addition, Bitcoin rose today and once touched the $5,000 mark.