Dong Xiwei, Distinguished Research Fellow of the National Finance and Development Laboratory: China should increase its research and application of blockchain technology

Babbitt News, recently, Dong Xiwei, the chief researcher of New Network Bank and the special researcher of the National Finance and Development Lab, said in an interview that as the blockchain technology matures further, its application value in the financial field will be further reflected. The potential for integration and complementarity of technologies such as computing and artificial intelligence has been further enhanced, and it has gradually evolved toward a multi-center strong trust system. At the same time, we must also see that the blockchain application still has problems such as security and stability, risk of privacy leakage, difficulty in identifying the responsible subject, and the underlying technology to be mature. In the next step, China should increase the research and application of blockchain technology, and take blockchain as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technologies. As General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized, it is necessary to strengthen basic research, enhance the original innovation ability, and strive to let China take the leading position in the emerging field of blockchain, occupy the commanding heights of innovation, and gain new industrial advantages. At the same time, the whole society should eliminate the blockbuster blockchain, especially to distinguish the blockchain technology from the virtual currency such as Bitcoin. It is necessary to crack down on the implementation of financial fraud in the name of blockchain, such as illegal monetary financing. (ICO).